Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have insurance?

Yes I am insured, a copy of certificate will be provided with registration pack.

Does my pet need to be insured for me to look after them?

I would advise pet owners to have pet insurance including liability cover.

Will my dog be kept on a lead?

For at least the first walk a lead will be used until your dog gets used to my recall and surroundings, this is for the safety of your dog.

Does my dog need to be vaccinated?

All dogs registered with me should have up to date with vaccinations and flea treatment.

What happens if my dog needs medical attention?

I am first aid trained, I will assess the situation and deal with it to your dogs benefit. I will contact you as soon as possible to let you know then if necessary take your dog to their vets or nearest depending on distance and matter of urgency as I hold details on registration forms of all my customers pets. All costs must be paid by the owners and I accept no responsibility for or liability unless due to incompetence or negligence.

What if my dog gets lost.

I will treat every dog as if it was my own and will take utmost care not to lose them, however-every owner should have their dog micro chipped and dog tagged with owners details on their collar. If they do stray or run away I will let you know immediately as there will be a plan of action in place.